Future of Work and Economic Growth · 20. December 2019
The labor share of income, that is, the proportion of national income that is paid to labor, has been declining in many advanced economies. Switzerland is one of the few countries with a relatively stable labor share. What are the drivers of this development?
U.S. Economy · 19. December 2019
Monetary policy in the US and the euro zone, as well as in many emerging markets, is more expansionary than it was in the first half of the year.
«Wenn Roboter unsere Jobs übernehmen, dann sollten sie auch Steuern zahlen», sagte Bill Gates in einem Video, dass 2017 die Runde machte. Klingt erstmal logisch, aber ist es das auch?
Keine Massenarbeitslosigkeit, sondern Jobpolarisierung und individualisierte Lebensumstände. Wie der technologische Wandel unsere Arbeitswelt verändert und warum das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen keine Universallösung ist.
U.S. Economy · 19. September 2019
Various stimulating policy measures are coming into play: the federal funds rate was lowered in the US by a quarter of a percentage point in July and will likely be lowered again this year.
Die Löhne in vielen Volkswirtschaften legen nur verhalten zu. Demgegenüber sind die Gewinne einiger grosser Firmen kräftig gestiegen. Was ist dran am oft beschworenen Kampf zwischen Arbeit und Kapital?
U.S. Economy · 24. June 2019
In May, the US once again increased tariffs on imports from China. In addition, they threatened action against European and Japanese car and car part imports. Protectionism is likely to weigh on economic activity in both the US and the countries affected by the tariffs.
U.S. Economy · 20. March 2019
Non-recurring effects, such as the federal government shutdown in the USA, will no longer be an issue in the forecast period (2019 and 2020).
In many advanced economies, real wages have risen only moderately in recent years. Technological progress and globalization have not been associated with large gains for many employees.
Global capital flows have strongly increased from the 1980s until the outbreak of the financial crisis.

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